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Artist's rendering of Mother Nature as nurturing mother.

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When you hear the term Mother Nature, what comes to mind? Human culture has molded Mother Nature to symbolize a power behind nature that is nurturing, that is loving, that once gave birth to all the life within and around us. The term Mother Nature has been a powerful driving force of human morals and attitudes towards nature, and is still doing so in modern environmental movements. Only in examining the scope of how this symbol has affected humanity can one understand her impregnable power.

What impact has Mother Nature had on western cultures? Want concepts of Mother Nature have impacted western culture’s morals; have any of the concepts of Mother Nature strengthened these morals? What role has government taken in regards to protecting Mother Nature, do governments help protect Mother Nature or do her more harm than good?

What impact has Mother Nature had on big movements throughout time, like the renaissance and industrial revolution, and hippie movement of the 60s? Has the term Mother Nature even been abused to influence people in to so doing something that Mother Nature would disapprove of? Has Mother Nature deterred the progression of society, and has our historical release of Mother Nature impacted the evolution of Science.

The answers to these questions concerning the relationship betweein society and nature will be examined in the creation of this wiki focused on all ways of viewing Mother Nature.

Mother NatureEdit

The view of Mother Nature had changed over time by civilization. While Mother Nature used to be thought of as a living, unpredictable, changing figure used to represent the Earth, it is now often viewed as something to be exploited for personal and commercial use. This view change was especially apparent in cultural conflicts in the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries when Native Americans viewed the European intruders as harming Mother Earth.

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